Phil McDarbyA1 and A2 Fine Art Prints

There are a few Limited Edition Luring the Draccus Prints available. Please use with the subject line Luring the Draccus Prints with any enquiries. Details below. Thanks!


The first 25 Limited Edition Luring the Draccus prints have sold out. I will be getting the next 25 printed over the next couple of months, shipped to Pat to sign and line, and then put then back on sale. If you wish to put your name down for one, please use the Contact page and I will reserve one for you.



Luring the Draccus

"Luring The Draccus"
An exclusive print signed by Phil McDarby & Pat Rothfuss

Limited Edition Fine Art A1 Print

I am proud to announce the Limited Edition of 50 Fine Art prints of "Luring The Draccus", signed by author Pat Rothfuss & myself . Each print also features a different line from the book, selected and handwritten by Pat - each one is totally unique.

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These unique collectibles, produced to Museum standard, are available for €300. They are printed on archival, 320gm PearlRag paper, with pigment-based inks which will stay rich for decades. Given the large format and heavy materials used in packaging, there is a standard shipping fee of €35 worldwide (it is more than this, but I thought it was a fair average).


In early 2009, my sister handed me a book – The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. She told me she had read it in one sitting, and was about to read it again. I was sold before I’d turned a page.
I was in Edinburgh for a few days in March, and took the book with me. As I nursed cups of coffee in cobbled corners, sat in leafy parks and wandered in the shadow of majestic, ancient buildings, I read compulsively.  My surroundings echoed the hallowed grounds of the University, and I felt an incredible connection between where I was in reality, and where Pat took me in my imagination. It was a pretty magical experience, suffice to say. I’ve been a fairly voracious reader for my entire life, and for a book to affect me this deeply was truly something special.
When I got home, I looked Pat up on the Internet. I found his blog, and it turned out he was about to embark on a European trip, taking in Edinburgh on his travels. It was the nudge I needed to get in touch. I went to great lengths not to come across like a gushing, over-zealous fan, but that’s pretty much what I was, so some of it may have crept through! I cheekily included a link to my site, telling Pat that I earned my crust creating Fantasy and Sci-Fi imagery.

A little while later, Pat replied – gracious soul that he is. He had lovely things to say about my work, which was humbling in the extreme. As he signed off, he threw in this seemingly innocuous comment.

"Have you ever given any thought as to what the Draccus might look like?"

I let that thought rattle around my head for a couple of days, and decided I’d give it a whirl. It was a great challenge to set myself, because I had never attempted something so ‘exact’ before. My work always evolves as it goes, often becoming something that only vaguely resembles the initial idea, but with this, I tried to stick to Pat’s wonderful words. About 2 weeks of my spare time later, I had something I felt I could send to him.
His positive reaction was just fantastic, and I was over the moon. We talked about getting it printed and sent over to him etc, and that got us both thinking. I had recently met with Dominic Turner of Exhibit A Studios in Dublin, about creating Limited Edition prints of some of my imagery.  They are the only Print Company in Ireland with accreditation from the UK Fine Art Guild, and the quality of their work is just sublime. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something special with ‘Luring the Draccus’. Through a lot of back-and-forth with Pat, we decided it would be cool to do a signed A1-sized Limited Edition of the image, to the highest, Museum-Quality Standard. Pat came up with the wonderful idea to handwrite a different line from the book on each of the 50 prints, making them totally unique.

Luring the Dracus
And here we are. The first 25 prints have winged their way through stormy skies from Dublin to Wisconsin and back, and they are ready to fly the coop.  They are signed and numbered by Pat and myself, and feature a handwritten line from The Name of The Wind or The Wise Man’s Fear.
Throughout this whole process, Pat has been an absolute star, open to all ideas and full of suggestions.
Thank you Pat - for the book, and for your enthusiasm and support. You’re a diamond.