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Exhibition in Third Space

Every day during the week, I get an early bus so I can go to Third Space to write. It’s a beautiful café on Smithfield Square - airy, bright, full of books and lovely staff. One day I asked Jill if there would be any chance of me getting a couple of my prints up on the walls - as usual she was friendly and helpful and put me in touch with Sean Mullan, the owner of the place. We chatted about the possibilities and in the end he was incredibly generous - he gave me room enough on the walls for 6 large acrylics.

I collected the prints from Les and Maureen at Fire last week, and spent a few hours on Saturday hanging them in Third Space. Sean was good enough to give up his Saturday afternoon to give me the run of the place. Being a scatter-brained eejit at the best of times, I arrived with no tools, and no fixings for the walls (in my defence, I had forgotten hardware stores aren’t open after Saturday lunchtime).

I had rung my friend Tom Donegan earlier that day, and despite the fact that he had opened an Exhibition in Newbridge that morning, he came down to Third Space with the fixings I needed. Rather than just dropping them off though, he actually stayed with me for three hours and helped me hang the prints. Tom, you are an angel mate.

Aifric and my three girls hung around too - was a lovely afternoon.

Anyway, they’ll be up in the café for a couple of months - thanks Sean, Jill and Jurgen for creating such a welcoming place, thanks Les and Maureen for the phenomenal job on the prints, and most of all, thanks Tom for saving my ass on Saturday.



You can see all of my prints available from The Copper House Gallery here -

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